Darenzia Kasparov, Mechanic and Klepto.

Darenzia Kasparov, human, age 26, female. Tech expert of the Drunken Cowboy. She is one year older than you (but safety protocols on the Drunken Cowboy impose a "never-speak-of-this-ever-again" rule), but she certainly doesn't act like a big sister towards you or Jane. You got stuck with her after a mission 4 years ago (she was captured while trying to steal something from your target, a small criminal group. She really sucks at subtlety, so being a thief wasn't exactly the best idea she ever had... You ended up freeing her when you raided their hideout...). She didn't have anywhere to go and you needed someone to take care of the engines of the Drunken Cowboy... She is really REALLY annoying, but for some weird reason, you can't imagine doing this without her anymore...

Skills Edit

  • picklocking
  • hacking

Inventory Edit

  • Remora, her hacking tool
  • Drugged needles
  • Lockpick

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